Aqua Java Cafe

  • Area : 1200-1500
  • Investment : Rs. 30,00,000 - Rs. 50,00,000
  • Category : Cafeteria

Aqua java cafe was established in the year 1999 with one clear concept in mind, to make best coffee and give it in a space that can be enjoyed by youngsters and other people alike. 

The brand instantly got recognition in the market, thanks to new and appealing theme along with some of the best coffee flavours available. 

Our ingredients are chosen with care, we try our best to buy local, and stay away from using artificial colorants and preservatives. 

This was also the first cafe that introduced the concept of pool table inside the cafe along with other excellent selection of food and beverages. 

About Us

Our goal is to partner with aspiring business minded people Franchise option with us will give you lot more benefits that will allow you to earn more with your investment in a very little time Aqua Java is also unique when it comes to in-house creation, like Crunchin' Java TM, Brownie Java TM and The Rockie road Cappuccino. 

Constant innovation is our key to success. 

As an Investor, you will have the unique Franchise opportunity while achieving your financial goals at the same time. 

Driven by volunteers and operated by modest staff, our meals are cooked and served with love, and offered to the guest as a genuine gift.


Area Required :- 1200 Sq. Ft. - 1500 Sq. Ft. 

Total Investment :- Rs. 40 Lacs - Rs. 45 Lacs 

  • To complete the full circle of giving and sustain this experiment, guests make contributions in the spirit of pay-it-forward to those who will come after them. 
  • We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey. 
  • Our concept of themes creates a unique global experience for the consumer. 
  • It also provides the scope of being a global outlet while maintaining the local aspects, thus providing immense room for variety and innovation.

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